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The Sustainable Benefits of Using a Garbage Disposal If 30,000 households in a given community switched to using a garbage disposal, the global warming potential would be reduced by a 1.9 million kg of carbon dioxide when disposing of food waste.

Best Green Blogs is the directory of green and sustainable themed blogs.

Sleep Apnea Guide Complete Guide about Sleep Apnea! Contains information about Sleep Apnea written by persons who have sleep disorders. Updated regularly!

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Executive Healthcare EliteHealth specializes in Executive Wellness and Executive Physical Exams. Enjoy no waiting rooms and advanced diagnostic testing.

Outsourced Medical Billing PhyLogic Healthcare provides medical billing services and systems to physician practices nationwide. Our medical billing services and internet-based ASP software systems maximize reimbursement for physicians and medical group practices.

All About Water A comprehensive, interesting source of information about water treatment alternatives, bottled water quality, and water filter products, including a listing of several general water facts.

Stress Management Exercises Comprehensive info on exercises that relieve stress.

Practical Wellness Guide Wholistic and practical wellness tips for busy people. Get pleasantly empowered with inspiring support and motivational tips for all areas of your life. Read about Life Makeover, Personal Health, Healing Energy, Effectiveness and more.

Natural Health Guide Healthy eating guidelines, eating plans, recipes and tips for those looking to improve their health through their diet.

All For Natural Health A guide on natural health information, detailing simple, effective and natural methods of attaining good health. Also includes information on natural remedies, supplements and herbs.

Eco Friendly Digest The struggle to find eco friendly solutions while juggling work, family and budgets. Real tips and non-toxic products from a working mom that wants her kids to have a healthy future.

End Your Sleep Deprivation Can sleep deprivation be holding you back in life? Empower yourself with knowledge from Dr. Dement, the father of sleep science, and the students of Stanford Sleep and Dreams so you can sleep healthily and live alertly.

Chasing Green is a consumer resource site dedicated to spread the word that ordinary people can positively impact our world in their everyday lives. The mission of is to encourage individuals to see how we each impact life on planet earth and to educate how each of us can make a difference in our daily lives.

Gardening Advice Become an Educated Gardener...easily!

About Generators Unbiased reviews and information about power generators of many types. Gas, propane, diesel, wind, solar etc. Power for emergency preparedness situations. Generator power for construction. Rental generators for special events.

Gardening Your one stop website for organic gardening tips and advice.

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