Green Living
Why The Push For It?

There was a time when green living was viewed as an extreme way of getting off the grid, eating wholesome foods, and generally living outside of the societal norms. It is amazing how quickly that view has changed and how many households now strive to succeed at green living in as many ways as possible.

What does it mean? Most will tell you that it is more about reusing, reducing and recycling than anything else. That, however, is a wonderful turn of events because it was so much consumer waste that led to the need to consider green lifestyle choices in the first place.

For instance, the plastic shopping bag is now viewed as the ultimate environmental enemy and more people than ever before are using their own bags, reusing plastic bags for an amazing array of alternative purposes, and generally seeking to cut this item out of the consumer chain of supplies.

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Green Living

There are some cities that have outlawed them and even implemented small fees for shoppers who insist on using them.

Of course, another major consumer development in terms of green living is the demand for organic foods. What is so amazing is just how much consumer education has gone on around organic foods as well.
For example, people now know that you can have a food that is labeled as all natural, but that is not even close to organic. This has led to some great developments in laws and guidelines around foods, and this is going to bring some wonderful advantages in terms of health.

Another great thing that has occurred out of an interest in living as green a lifestyle as possible is the widespread dedication to recycling. Not only do people eliminate hazardous waste in a far more mindful way, but most communities also have weekly or bi-weekly recycling "pickup" at the curb. There are even massive corporate recycling programs and more.

So, today's consumers are paving the way for a better tomorrow by trying as hard as possible to lead a green life. They buy the most eco friendly cars, light bulbs, foods, homes, and more. They spend dollars in a way that supports green initiatives, even if it is a much more expensive option. This shows that more and more people are becoming aware of the need to go green as quickly and as completely as possible if we are to save the environment...and ourselves.

We all need to evaluate our lifestyles. On both a personal and global level, is green living something we want to consider? Is it a necessity to sustain life on our planet into the future. Green living is a whole-life proposition that leads you to living the healthiest life possible while making as little a negative impact as possible.

Most of us are realizing that our natural resources are not going to last indefinately. This is especially true due to the fact that the population continues to grow at an amazing rate.

If we fail to preserve the resources we have now as well as switching over to renewable resourses, such as planting more trees, our descendants will have little left. Initiatives toward greener living need to spread like wildfire in order for the earth to survive.

Living in an environmentally friendly manner is being practiced by people to differing degrees. All efforts are important, whether small or large. We can switch to using eco friendly cleaning products or convert an entire home into a renewable energy green machine. Usefull efforts can also include installing solar panels for personal green energy or water conserving devices (such as low flow faucets, shower heads, and toilets).

Get started by going green at home. Look for greener and better ways to eat, work, dress, travel, get married and live. New ideas are sprouting up all the time.

Most of us just don’t realize how much we waste in our everyday lives. It is absurd the amount of water that it takes to manufacture products. The amount of fossil fuel it takes to produce and deliver food is astronomical. With the earth's population expected to exceed 9 Billion by 2050, everyone needs to jump on the earth-friendly living wagon.

What About Green Technology?

Tremendous strides have been made by technology, but it still isn’t saving some of our most precious dwindling resources. New methods are being created to try to aid in living green, but how much of a priority this movement becomes on the grand scale still remains to be seen. However, there are very promising and innovative techniques for green home designs and low-impact housing, for example green technologies that allow us to grow fruits and vegetables virtually anywhere, including on our roofs and walls.

The Cost Of Green Living

When all things are considered, the price of going green is relatively small.

In some cases, money and resoruces are saved in the short term and but in many cases an investment now will reap larger rewards in money and resources saved into the future. In some cases, there is a trade-off between a direct benefit to yourself and the benefits of health, safety, and renewability to the planet.

Green Living

Green living will not happen overnight. It starts with one inital lifestyle changes and grows consistently from there. As a family or just an individual, commit to making one change toward living green and no doubt you will find that you are soon doing many more, as greener living becomes a habit.

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Going green at home constitutes green living. It's when we take steps to make our home clean and safe to live in that we achieve what green natural living implies. Further reward is the peace of mind and money that we necessarily save.

Going Green At Work is a necessary part of truly green living. More than on half the trash that enters our landfills come from paper waste. We can make a big impact if we become diligent about recycling paper, Recycling works, however, only if we are equally diligent about buying products that contain recycled materials.

Healthy Natural You is dedicated to bringing you the finest all natural and organic products and solutions for a greener, healthier lifestyle.

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