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Green living means many things – and it can mean different things to different people. Green home plans can take the concept of green living to its’ full potential, if you are in the process of building a new home.

Most green living starts with small steps, and as people realize the beneficial impact that the steps that they are taking has on the overall environment, as well as their own bank accounts, the momentum increases and soon enough people are charging full steam ahead.

Imagine having the ability to start right, and prevent the need to make changes later. You can make an amazing impact; when you choose to build a home that makes the most of green technology, you choose a better future.

Types Of Green Home Plans

Nearly any style of home can be made in a green fashion; much of what makes a home plan “green” is the materials that are involved, the kind of power that it produces and utilizes, and its overall carbon footprint. As understanding of green living and the knowledge about why we should all make a push toward living green increases, more materials and styles become widely available.

Green Home Plans

Conventional Style – A conventionally styled home is a type of home that we are accustomed to seeing and living in, if we are used to western architecture. Any conventional style of home, from Victorian to Ultra-contemporary can be built using a green home plan.

Rounded Styles – From domes to gently curved homes made of natural materials, rounded styles are becoming more popular in the Western world. A round home has a natural feel, and can even seem as if nature is embracing you; it is a comfortable nest-like place where people feel sheltered from the troubles of everyday life.

Earth Sheltered – Earth sheltered homes are built with most of their walls being underground. While this may sound like a dark and gloomy type of living arrangement, in reality most earth sheltered homes are light and airy. The major advantage of living in an earth sheltered home is that heating and cooling costs are very low.

Organic Homes – Organic homes make the most of the features around them. For instance, you can incorporate trees, streams and boulders as part of an organic home – this is of course an extreme example, but basically organic homes take natural shapes and surfaces and put them to use within the structure or function of the home.

Green homes can be made from many types of materials. Recycled materials are becoming widely available – one great example is paperstone, which is a type of countertop surface made from recycled paper.

Whether you prefer a traditional looking home, or if you are more interested in something that will help the planet while allowing you to express your creativity in a truly constructive manner, there is a green home plan suitable for you. You can have fun building your dream home, and live green doing it.

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