Green Jobs
A Responsibility Of Every Human

Green jobs are the need of the hour right now. This is the moment for us to open our eyes and be sensitive towards the issues of our planet on which we live so comfortably.

Our planet is suffering because of man and his actions.Air pollution, noise pollution, water pollution etc are all caused by man. Not only our planet but we are also bearing the consequences of our actions. We also go through health problems and natural calamities. Taking up a green job is a responsibility of every human being. What is a green collar job? A green collar job is making money from saving the environment. It is a job that fights for issues of our planet such as global warming.

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Green Jobs
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The big buzz is that it is generating a lot of employment and since 2006 it has collected a lot of funds. Millions of jobs have been created and at the same time the environment is benefitting from it. There are many fields like renewable energy, sustainable energy and green building.

Right now there is a great opportunity in this field and there is also a great chance for growth. It is also a great opportunity for those who are poor and low income groups. This industry that has recently come up is feeding several homes right now.

These kind of jobs build a strong career path for the young generation, they provide a way out of poverty and they also require some new skills and new methods to perform old skills too. More importantly this job brings urban and rural community together and bridges the back between backward and forward.

Rural areas are reached and their problems are solved because of this industry and they get the benefits of a booming economy as well. Right now so many people around the world are working towards creating more green collar jobs and our environments benefits from these green collar jobs along with the people.

Even if you cannot get in to a green collar job yourself there is always a way in which you can contribute to the environment by not littering, by not spitting, educating other people towards maintaining cleanliness and so on. It is time for all of us to do something to save our planet which is in serious danger.

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