Green Christmas

5 Ways to Add Green To Your Celebrations - From Food Choices to Gift Giving

There are many ways to add environmentally friendly habits into your lifestyle - from making improved food choices to creative gift giving. To go green means making choices which will contribute towards a healthier environment and way of life. Here are few tips to bring a little green into your holidays and special occasions.

1. Use Recycled Wrapping Paper

Recycled wrapping paper is made from recycled paper products.

Celebrate Green
As consumers are becoming more aware of the benefits of recycling products, companies have been able to improve on the marketability of these products. Using recycled paper does not mean resorting to newspapers and brown paper to wrap your gifts like it used to be not so long ago. Now you can buy all sorts of recycled paper with colorful prints and glossy shine. Recycled paper will naturally cost more than regular wrapping paper, but the benefits are well worth it.

2. Buy Organic Foods

It's easy to be green without even trying - especially when it comes to food. Food is a central element for any holiday or special occasion such as birthdays, anniversaries, or back yard barbeques. One of the aspects of living green is to be kinder to the environment around us through the choices we make. You can do this by purchasing foods which are provided by companies which follow this same principle. Most of these companies specialize in organic foods meaning they are free of pesticides and chemicals. Examples would be making sure that cattle and chicken are only given feed which do not contain any unnatural elements. For example, cattle that are grass fed must only eat grass which is not treated with any chemical fertilizers.

However, the list goes beyond raising animals. The same rules apply with any food product such as vegetables, fruits, grains, or meat. Since pesticides and chemical fertilizers can be harmful to the natural environment, they are not used in the soil, water or any other part of the cultivation process. Therefore, when you purchase organic products, you are supporting the companies which help reduce pollution and provide better conditions for raising livestock and growing fruits and vegetables. This in turn helps us live healthier lives.

3. Take Advantage of Bulk Prices

Organic products often cost more than non organic products. This hold true with food. For example, a pound of organic ground beef may cost $4.99 while nonorganic ground beef may be half the cost if not less. One way to reduce this cost is to buy your meats in bulk at bulk food stores, use coupons, or purchase directly from a local farm. Supporting your local farmer is a great way to support your local economy. When shopping for your meats, look at the prices of both that which is ground and that which is a whole cut of meat. If the whole cut is cheaper per pound, you can request the butcher to grind the meat for you in his meat grinder. Alternatively, some people invest in their own home meat grinders so they can freeze their cuts of meat and use only what they need for a recipe.

4. Use Live Christmas Trees

Anyone who celebrates Christmas will most likely have a Christmas tree in their home. This year you can literally go green by purchasing a live tree from your local Christmas tree farm. One of the main advantages of green Christmas trees is the fact that they are 100% recyclable. In fact, all you need to do is leave them by your trash can, and your trash men should be able to collect it as they normally would. In addition, green Christmas trees which are properly cared for, specifically through proper watering and being placed away from heat sources, are safer than artificial trees which can catch fire and release harmful toxins due to the chemicals within the plastic materials.

Another idea for turning your Christmas to green christmas is to replace your old lights with energy saving LED light bulbs. Whether on the trim of your house, or on your Christmas tree - every little bit helps.

5. Purchase Green Christmas Gifts for Friends and Family

Another creative way to go green is to spread a little green at your special occasion. Examples of green gift giving can be in the form of charity donations, local food gift baskets, organic food gift baskets, or clothes which are made with organic materials. The list can go on, and thanks to public awareness, more stores are jumping on the bandwagon and promoting more green products for consumers.

There are many ways to green up your holidays and parties throughout the year. With a little thoughtfulness, you will soon find yourself implementing new green habits with little effort and great ease.

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