Going Green At Home
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Going green at home! We all know that we should recycle, use less energy, and cut our fossil fuel consumption. Take green living a few steps further with some of these fun and interesting tips for going green at home.Buy Recycled Products – Recycling certain types of material, like aluminum, glass, steel and plastic takes less energy than producing it new. This is sort of like doubling your recycling effort! You can get everything from shoes to architectural products that contain post-consumer material.

Replace Old Windows And Doors – Replacing old, drafty windows and doors will help you to reduce the amount of energy your home is consuming. Heating and cooling costs tend to be the highest part of the energy bill; and check to see if you may be eligible for a tax cut when you buy new windows and doors.

Going Green

Clean Green – Stop using harmful chemicals to clean your home. There are incredibly effective green cleaners on the market, and you can even make some cleaners yourself. You can buy some green cleaners in concentrate form and mix them as needed; this helps to reduce the amount of space dedicated to cleaning products in your home.

Keep The Air In Your Home Clean – Take green cleaning the extra step by making sure that your home’s air stays clean. Whether you are an allergy sufferer, or if you just dislike the idea of breathing the toxins that come from everyday products like carpet, paint and furniture, a great air cleaning system can make a difference. Enjoy your going green at home lifestyle in better health!

Invest In Green Bedding – Some new mattresses have that distinctive “new-mattress” smell – kind of like a new car smell…the odds are good that what you smell is off-gassing; the smell of the chemical components that make up your mattress entering your home’s atmosphere. There are many types of green bedding available – from full mattresses to organic cotton sheets; considering the amount of time we spend in our beds, they are a good place to make living green a priority.

Going Green

Bamboo Products – Bamboo is everywhere these days – from bamboo flooring, to cutting boards and other kitchen accessories, and even in soft, fluffy bath towels. You read it right – bamboo fiber is silky and super absorbent; it even dries faster than conventional materials.

Eat Local Food – Local food, including organically grown, local fruits and vegetables, is fresher and better for you and the environment. You get the benefit of eating fresher and possibly less expensive food; the environment (and you) benefit from the fact that your food has not been transported a long distance. Fresh, local food helps keep your community financially stable, too!

Harvest Rainwater – You can reduce your water usage by collecting the rain that lands on your roof in a rain barrel system, and use it to water plants. Rain barrels were once an important part of every home’s design; thanks to the need for everyone to start living greener, they are enjoying a comeback.

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