What is a Free Energy Generator

The term ‘free energy generator’ is used often these days. However, what does it exactly mean? More numbers of people around the world are now turning their attention towards generating electricity on their own. This is mainly because of the fact that lot of awareness regarding environment is carried out extensively. People are always on the look out for options that would eventually help them to cut down on their monthly electricity bills.

Solar energy is one option that has been embraced by many. However, there is one more effective way of generating electricity at a very reasonable price. Energy can now be produced with the help of a magnetic power generator. This is also known as the new age free-energy generator.

What makes this option stand out from the rest is the fact that one need not have too much of technical knowledge in order to execute the idea. Basic knowledge would come real handy in this case. A generator of this kind does not require too much space inside the house unlike equipments that are associated with the concepts of solar or turbine energy generators. A free-energy generator does not make any noise, which further benefits the environment. It does not emit any sort of pollution.

According to a number of sources, Howard Johnson is the man responsible for coming up with the first magnetic free-energy generator. The generator is designed in such a manner that it harnesses magnetic power and converts it into energy. Hence, there is no cost associated with it. Permanent magnets have polarity that produces force which further helps the turbine blades to spin. Once the turbines start to spin vigorously, they produce energy. Hence, a magnetic generator of this kind can be termed as ‘true’ perpetual gadget.

Howard Johnson had a firm belief that free energy can be produced when electrons are revolved within a molecular particle that is not named. He was convinced that this would lead to production of free energy. This theory works very closely to the one followed to make nuclear reactors and atomic weapons.

Operating a magnetic generator of this kind is not a difficult task. However, it could be challenging for a few people. There are a number of guides available that would be useful for understanding the exact execution of free energy generator. Use of a free energy generator would help the environment in a long way.

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