Energy and Environment

Two sides of the same coin

Energy and environment go hand in hand. During ancient times, use of energy was less. Hence, environment was in a much better state. People around the world were not aware to the term ‘global warming’. Unfortunately, as years progressed, the need for a more comfortable life made man blind in many ways.

Today, environment is in a shocking state. People have finally realized that certain initiatives need to be taken in order to preserve what is left. Hence, many energy-environment associated aspects are emerging and getting introduced to mankind. Switching to solar energy is one such initiative that has proven to mighty effective to restore environment.

Over the years, energy has been generated with the help of either water or coal. Most of the developed countries around the world have the resources to indulge in hybrid electricity. However, economies that are not yet developed are still burning coal in order to see in the dark. Unfortunately, mankind has been ignoring the biggest source of energy, Sun.

Instead of opting for aspects like wood, coal, gas and oil, energy can be successfully generated with the help of Sun. The good news is that Sun’s energy is never going to end, no matter how much we go on using it. Economies around the world are now turning their attention towards this option. This approach is more reactive in nature. However, the fact that solar energy is getting its due of recognition is certainly something worthwhile.

Solar energy with environment are inter- related in many ways. In order to generate energy with the help of light, use of solar panels is a must. More number of active solar panels around the world would automatically see a decline in coal and other fossil fuels being burned. Water too, is going to get over at some point or the other, especially if the world continues to face less amount of rainfall in the future as well.

Study has proven that there is nothing as good as solar energy at the moment. It is free from all sorts of pollution. Moving towards this kind of energy also means bidding goodbye to monthly electricity bills. More importantly, by switching over, we would ensure that the generations to come also get an opportunity to enjoy Mother Nature. Hence, it is time people realize that energy and environment are two sides of the same coin.

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