Electric Automobiles

Electric Automobiles are motor vehicles which do not use traditional fuels. Instead, they use the power of electricity for automation. In alternative fuel automobiles the internal combustion engine is replaced by battery packs and current.

Electric Automobiles were just as popular as gasoline run cars in the early twentieth century, but major advances in petrol powered vehicles with internal combustion engine, speed, better pick up and convenience made electric vehicles lose their market share.

With the advent of Ford’s nearly half priced gasoline vehicles, electricity powered cars completely lost their business in America.

Today, with the widespread emergence of environment awareness and fluctuating and ever increasing prices of exhaustible fossil fuels such as petrol and diesel, electric vehicles are gaining in popularity.

Electric Cars
There is a wide range of hybrid cars available in the market. Hybrid cars use a combination of both battery and fossil fuels. Some of the most popular electric and hybrid cars in the market today include:

REVAi – Distributed in Asia and Europe, also known as G-Wiz, it is a car offered by Indian manufacturers and is extremely popular.

Toyota Prius- Manufactured by Toyota Motor Company, this car sold in 40 Countries worldwide since 1997. Four models have been launched since.

Honda Insight – Launched in the year 1999, this was the first electric car in the American market. This is the cheapest hybrid electric which has bagged the position of top-selling automobile in Japan for the year 2009.

Think City – This is the most popular electric vehicle in the European market. Launched in 2000, it is the only highway certified car in the world with a speed of tops 105 Kms per Hour.

Nissan Leaf – Expected to be launched in 2010 September, Nissan Leaf uses an all-electric engine.

Chevrolet Volt - To be launched in November 2010, full plug-in hybrid electric.

How an Electric Car Works?

Run on electricity, these cars have no fuel tanks and the foremost thing that you would notice when you sit in a running electric automobile is that they are nearly silent. The tanks in these cars are replaced by big battery boards that store energy and these battery cases can be charged overnight at home.

Instead of a single engine as in the case of a traditional motor car, electric vehicles have several electric motors, which are like a structure of tightly wound wires inside a magnet. These wires when supplied with charge spin faster and produce energy, which is then used to spin the wheel axle.

Electric Cars

Many intricate mechanisms are used in different types of electric and hybrid cars. Some use hydrogen gas while some others use liquid nitrogen. Certain cars use solar panels and thus the method and technology can vary to a great extent.

Hybrid cars when combined with a tiny petroleum engine, generates great speed on highways and offer an extremely high pickup. For those who are environmentally conscious, electric hybrid cars are the best option. Choose from a range of different models and makes of hybrid cars depending on your specific requirements.

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