Effects Of Sleep Deprivation

The effects of sleep deprivation could be pretty serious. Sleep deprivation can affect anyone but it is usually caused by one of four things: health complications, lifestyle, medication, or clinical disorders.

Deprivation is caused by a number of sleep disorders. It doesn’t matter if you cannot fall asleep at night, wake too early in the morning or wake often during the night; your body will soon be deprived of sleep.

When you can't sleep and are deprived of adequate rest the condition can affect your emotions, your ability to think, and your ability to handle stress. For this reason, it is important to have it checked out right away.

There are certain conditions that can cause deprivation of sleep, such as depression, drug and alcohol use, and snoring. Your doctor will be able to pinpoint what the problem is after some questions and tests.

Since this situation can be caused by some serious health conditions and it can also lead to some serious health conditions, no one should ignore the effects of sleep deprivation. Sleep is very important to the body and although we may need a bit less of it as we age, we all need an adequate amount to remain healthy.

Littler Known Causes Of Sleep Deprivation

Many people are aware of the more prominent causes of sleep loss, but there are others that remain a mystery and still others that we are just now coming to understand. Two such examples include RLS and PLMD. RLS, or Restless Leg Syndrome has been in the spotlight now for a few years although it has no doubt existed for generations. It is characterized by an uncomfortable tingling feeling in the legs with an irresistible urge to move the leg. Now, there is also PLMD which is Periodic Limb Movement Disorder. With PLMD, the limbs involuntarily move throughout the night.

These are just two examples among many possible causes of sleep loss. As mentioned, your doctor can help you determine other possible causes and solutions. First, it helps to understand the symptoms of deprived sleep so that you know when to seek help.

How To Know if You Have Sleep Deprivation

While most people remember waking up in the night (if that is the cause), some do not. Most people have some indication that they are having trouble getting/staying asleep and should seek help for it. Whether or not you are aware that you can't sleep as you should may be made clearer by knowing some of the possible symptoms of sleep loss.

Other things you may find as effects of sleep deprivation are blurry vision, trouble concentrating, poor memory, irritability, and trouble learning. Not to be alarmist but just to be clear, deprivation that goes unchecked can be fatal. It can also lead to heart disease. This is not something that is merely inconvenient, it is a medical condition that needs to be examined and treated by whatever means possible.

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