Effects of Water Pollution

The Effects of water pollution can be very harmful for environment as well as people. The effects vary according to the kind of pollutants engaged and the size of the water body in question. The intense effects mainly occur due to untreated chemicals and wastes dumped directly into the water bodies which lie in the proximity of the major metropolises. The reduction of oxygen causes the death of the marine life creatures. This type of pollution is found to be the cause of increasing rate of the untimely death of creatures like fish, dolphins and birds.

Effects Of Water Pollution
The pollution in water hampers the food chain of the minutest creatures to the human beings. The people who eat fish of the polluted water fall sick and in turn it affects the livelihood of mankind.

In addition the water also gets polluted due to garbage and waste dumped into it either legally or illegally as these produce toxins which easily contaminate the water. The flora and fauna in the water bodies are also badly affected by the chemicals and accidental oil spills. The contamination turns the healthy water bodies into green oily water bodies with unappealing odors and dead marine life. Our lifestyle also is a clear depiction of the effects of pollution.

We all are dependent on water for most of our daily activities; for instance washing utensils and clothes, taking bath and drinking. So even a slight percentage of contamination in the water we are dependent upon will create lots of problems. When they are treated to be reused again it becomes a very time and money consuming affair. Thus the quality of water matters a lot to the people who depend on it.

The people who live in the proximity of the water bodies and who enjoy water sports are greatly influenced by the Effects of water pollution. The pollution in the water bodies can be the major cause behind the unusual death rates of the aquatic life creatures. The animal and human waste in the water can be reason for the presence of E Coli bacteria which can make anyone consuming that water immensely sick. Once the water gets polluted treating it to make it usable is not everyone’s cup of tea. It takes lots of time, energy, money and patience on our part.

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