Start Sharing with your Facebook Friends

by Elena Milan
(London, UK) What Will You Share? What Will You Share?

With facebook users can now share/swap or give things away with people they know and trust: their friends on Facebook. Inline with the 3Rs (Reduce-reuse-recycle) encouraging people to share and borrow stuff instead of constantly buying new products will help reduce our carbon footprint.

For once being green does not imply being restricted. With we can get access to a lot more by spending less and reducing our carbon footprint.

The sharing economy is alternative approach to hyper-consumerism. What really matters is not ownership of things but access to things. Trust is a key factor to develop the sharing economy. As opposed to other sharing websites, facilitates the sharing of items with your Facebook friends. This will help those of us who could be relunctant to share items with people they don't know on other fully open sharing websites.

Give it a go... connect to and invite your friends to join as well. It only takes two of you to start sharing!

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