Eco-Friendly Carpet Cleaning is the Way to Go

by Jerrod Lack
(Glendale, AZ)

Eco Friendly Carpet Cleaning

Eco Friendly Carpet Cleaning

Regular carpet cleaning detergents used by many commercial services are not only toxic to the environment but can also contain carcinogenic synthetic compounds. These chemicals can easily get into the home environment through air and surface residue. Their exposure can become detrimental to the health of the whole family, especially young children and pets.

Also, after the whole carpet cleaning process is completed, the waste-water generated is disposed through drains or such channels. The contaminated water can contain potentially hazardous chemicals which get introduced to the underground water table or similar water bodies, leading to the pollution of the eco-system.

Hiring Green Carpet Cleaning Services

In today’s time, there is a mass awareness about the harmful impact of the dangerous and polluting chemicals. Hence, safeguarding the environment has become the responsibility of the general public.

More people are opting for new, green and natural solutions for their home cleaning purposes. This has forced (and rightly so) many professional carpet cleaning services to go green. It is a crucial convergence of demand and supply that is fulfilled by professional carpet cleaners.

These green carpet cleaning service provider opt for eco-friendly cleaning agents that are naturally derived from plants and vegetables. These cleaning agents do not contain any artificial ingredients thus eliminating the menace of toxic residue during the mechanical process of carpet cleaning.

The latest carpet cleaning methodology follows the ‘low flow technology’ to drastically reduce the amount of water used without compromising on the cleaning power. This in itself is a huge ecological benefit. So next time when you aspire to hire green carpet cleaning service, inquire about the following:

- Does the company follow the ‘low flow technology’

- Do they use pure steam to clean and sanitize the carpets which uses less water

- Do they use organic cleaning agents which are free of soaps, dyes and perfumes

- Do they have a system to transport or treat waste-water responsibly

- Most importantly, do they have a knowledgeable staff that is well trained in their job

Going Green At Home

- The first step towards making our homes eco-friendly homes has always been to use our resources sensibly. For instance, keeping the carpet clean in the first place through frequent vacuuming is one way to avoid hiring a professional carpet cleaner sooner than needed.

- The next step would be to always buy commercial non-toxic household cleaners. Many carpet cleaning products being offered in the market are totally organic based. They are safe, natural and equally effective. These are easily available as a healthier and environmentally responsible alternative.

- Another way to go green at home would be to make natural home-made formulas for cleaning carpets. These magic potions are usually made with materials obtained from the kitchen pantry. Vinegar, baking soda, corn starch, borax et al mixed with water in certain fixed proportions can be used to remove carpet stains, grease spots and dust particles. Using natural and sustainable materials will not only leave the carpet looking clean but also make the surroundings smelling nice.

For more ideas, you can take time out to check out sites which have recommendations about developing healthy home cleaning habits.

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