Eco Friendly Wedding

Why should you go for an eco friendly wedding? Our planet earth as well know and have repeatedly seen and heard, is literally going to the dogs.

It is high time we human pull up our socks and do something about it. Since were the ones causing damage to our planet it is up to us only to do something about it and improve the situation. One way in which we can contribute is by not throwing elaborate weddings. Weddings are a huge affair that last for a few days and exhausts a lot of resources including money. If you choose and eco friendly wedding then you not only contribute to saving resources but you will also save up on a lot of money which can be used for better purposes.

What are the steps that you can take to having a wedding that does not harm the environment in any way and deplete its resources?

First come the invitation cards. Most people always over do their wedding invitation cards. What is the point of having elaborate wedding invitation cards when all that is going to happen to them at the end is to go in to the dustbin! If you are so keen on wedding invitation cards then have something very simple. But the best option would be to invite everyone through mail or by creating an event on any social networking website or by giving a call to the relatives. In this way you not only save a lot of paper but you also save money.

Gift wrapping also contributes to wasting resources. What is the point of wrapping gifts when the wrappers are going to be discarded? There is no harm in gifting people without wrapping the gifts elaborately. Imagine how much paper you are wasting when you wrap each and every gift. If you want to wrap the gifts then when you open them, make sure that you open the wrapper with care so that the paper can be used repeatedly.

Food is one more aspect of the wedding that needs to be taken care of. You should take the pains to count the number of guests and you should also take the pains to get the details of their eating habits so that you can order accordingly. Weddings are a classic example when it comes to wasting food.

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