Eco Friendly Transportation

Eco friendly transportation is a better option than transportation that harms our planet earth. We as humans have already exploited our planet beyond its capacity to cater for our needs.

We are facing serious climatic problems because of the way we are treating our planet. It is time for us to do something about our planet! Cars and other vehicles contribute greatly to the pollution levels that are constantly rising. It is high time we do something regarding to transport to decrease the pollution levels for our planet. It is time to go eco friendly! What are the things you can do reduce pollution? What can you do to go eco friendly?

Eco Friendly Transportation
If you want to contribute to the environment in a very simple way there is something you can do and that is by sharing a vehicle. If 4 people or even 3 people have to go to the same destination then why take different cars? You can contribute by car pooling. You can simply decide with your friends who are going to the same office or college and go with them. In this manner you will end up reducing the smoke that is emitted from 2 or 3 or more cars.

What else can you do? Buy vehicles that do not emit a lot of smoke in to the air. There are such kinds of vehicles available in the market. They might be a costlier option but it is definitely a better option, after all you are doing something to save the environment which is in danger.

Many wealthy families buy 3 or 4 or 5 cars even when it is not needed. A family of merely 4 people purchases 5 or 6 cars. This is not a good idea. For a family of 4 one care is more than enough or maximum you can have two cars. You can also opt for walking short distances which is also a healthier option. Cycling is also a very good idea.

Magnet technology is used in today’s trains and they have come up with something known as the ‘green trains’. These trains support eco friendly transportation and are a huge step towards reducing air pollution.

Small things such as the ideas mentioned above can be practiced by every single human being to make the planet green and clean once again.

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