Finding the Right Eco Friendly Products for Your Home

People always say that your "home is where your heart is" and that is most certainly the truth, but your home is also where most of the air you breathe and surfaces that you touch live. This is why the use of eco friendly products for your home is a very wise decision.

Why? Well, if you make a side by side comparison of traditional household cleaning products and equivalent eco friendly products you will see that there are few toxic chemicals in the eco friendly versions, and that all of them are packaged in recyclable materials.

Eco Friendly Products
Though you might ask yourself if there is really that much of a difference, you would be astonished to see the list of harmful chemicals that appear in even the most common of household cleansers (and we won't even begin to explore the commercial formulas!).

A good supplier of eco friendly products will have a nice array of household cleaners that will, quite literally, tackle your living spaces from top to bottom. There are floor cleaners, all-purpose cleansers, counter and surface cleansers, glass cleaners and all kinds of detergents and sprays that fall under the heading of eco friendly products.

What makes them earth friendly? Most will be plant based and use absolutely zero petrochemicals, ammonia, bleach, animal ingredients (or testing), paraben, phosphates, dyes, artificial fragrances, and more. Instead, most of the ingredients would include things such as water, natural salt, essential oils, and plant based cleansers.

This sort of list would enable you to clean the entire house without worrying about any impact on your kids, pets, and other family members. Some of the best manufacturers will also provide customers with laundry products, hand soaps, kitchen products, air sprays and more.

It is only to our benefit to use cleansers that have no health risks, and no risks for the environment. Most household products end up going down the drain or being taken outdoors by our shoes or clothes. Why put the planet at risk when it is easier and just as affordable to protect ourselves and environment.

When you begin shopping around for eco products, see if the manufacturer offers an entire "line" of merchandise. Often this is a great way to find complementary products that work together in the most effective way to ensure that your home is spotless and truly "green" each day of the year.

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