Eco Friendly Jewelry

Why go for eco friendly jewelry? Many human beings are opening their eyes to the fact that our earth that we inhabit is suffering because of unending and different types of human activities.

We cannot even begin to imagine the harm we are causing to the planet. In such a situation what can we do? It is in our hands to save our future and make the planet a better place to live in for our coming generations. It is in our hands to protect our planet. Those who have opened their eyes are opting for eco friendly materials. What are eco friendly products? Eco friendly products are those products which do not make the use of any material which could harm the environment and also these products are 100% recyclable.

Using eco friendly material is the need of the hour. People now are using eco friendly yoga mats and other yoga products and eco friendly furniture. Why not opt for products that are safe for the environment. Say no to plastic and say yes to eco friendly! What is eco friendly jewelry? It is more like organic jewellery.

Mining done for precious stones, gems and metals such as gold, silver and copper causes harm to the environment and the surface of the earth. Mining has some serious impacts on our environment. The demand for gold and diamonds is increasing at an alarming rate and the damage done is also increasing at an alarming rate.

So what are our options? Silver is a much better option than gold. It is true that silver is also obtained through mining just like cold but much of the silver metal that is manufactured comes from recycle materials coming from types sources such as industries. Hence it is much better idea to use silver in place of gold and the best part is that silver is way cheaper than gold, so next time when you are going to purchase jewellery opt for silver and not gold.

Diamond digging is also very harmful for the environment. One should avoid diamonds completely and a better is option is to go for other kinds of metals or gems. If you really want something similar then Swarovski crystals are a very good and beautiful option for diamonds.

With so many options why choose anything else but environment friendly jewellery?

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