Eco Friendly Gifts

Here are a few eco friendly gifts ideas which not only show your love for someone but even reflect your love and commitment to help environment.


The time for helping with chores has been always appreciated but by adding a little bit twist of earth friendly will be great.

• Try to help any person with a project or help to organize some storage space or a garage. Help them to recycle some of the unwanted electronics, paints as well as batteries. • Help in making their home energy efficient. Move forward for paying for the energy audit, you can also buy a programmable thermostat and share the electronic power meter which can show the measurement of the total electricity used as well as help them in good window seals.

Give consumables

Take out sometime and take them for a movie, tour of art gallery, for watching a play or a day trip. Instead of giving some useless gifts try to give them the gift which will remain in their memory. You can give them homemade jams, fruit loaves as well as pies. Think of the things which they have enjoyed doing with you and bring the ingredients as well as show them how you have cooked it.

Give reusables

• Well designed reusable metal bottles as well as pitcher which filters water in the fridge will definitely save them from the use of any plastic bottles for water.

• Give any green plant which is one of the good eco friendly gifts. They can plant that tree in their backyard.

• Help them to start an online payment as well as banking program. Try to demonstrate them how to easily access the catalogues as well as the phone details online. If you have some old aged person in your house without PC, try to note down the information or work for them on your own PC.

• Make a good set of shopping bags which you can give to your friends as a gift. Nowadays for the plastic bags most of the stores charge extra.

Charitable gifts

Do some donation to a charity which provides all the basic needs to the people who are in need of it in this modern fast running world. Join the membership of some environmental organization or you can even make donation to the programs which are especially designed for the clean up purpose of the environment. These are some of the best eco-friendly gifts for your loved ones.

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