E Waste Recycling
An Important Issue

Why to consider e waste recycling? E waste recycling is important because every day new gadgets and gizmos is coming in the market in the name of technology and consumers are discarding their old products even though they are in full working condition. Hence recycling of e waste is highly instrumental.

E waste which is also known as electronic waste simple refers to discarded and obsolete broken electronic devices and recycling of such materials is very important. But if it is not done in the right way, that is if this e waste is recycled in an informal manner than it leads to serious health problems and it also harms the environment.

E Waste Recycling
Why is it harmful to the environment?

In e waste recycling when the electronic scrap components are recycled in the wrong manner then some contaminants such as lead, beryllium, cadmium and mercury are released. This is not only the case in developing countries but also in developed countries. The risk bearers are none others than the workers and labourers.

If great care is not taken in recycling of e waste then it leads to unsafe exposure to harmful chemicals which have serious environmental and health implications. Heavy metals from landfills and incinerated ashes when released in the atmosphere can pose serious risks.

Due to rapid changes in technology the risk of e waste pollution is increase day by day and not only this the initial market rates of these gadgets are generally low which motivates the consumers to buy. Many experts have confirmed that the problem of increasing e waste is a problem of every country.

What can be done to curb this problem?

There are many technical solutions available for the recycling of e waste. But the problem here is that many things have to fall together in place such as logistics, a collection system and a legal framework. According to some surveys conducted each time about 15 to 20% of e waste is recycled but the rest goes to landfills which in turn lead to so many problems. The governments of various countries are trying to increase the regulation on recycling of e waste but that does not seem to be enough.

As individuals we can also do something to save our planet. We can always control our wants, needs and desires. We must always purchase what is required and not get tempted by every new product that comes in the market.

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