Document Shredding For SA Sustainable Environment

by Jesse
(Berkeley, CA, USA)

Our environment plays an important role in the future, so it is important
that we do everything that we can to protect it. More and more,
corporations and private citizens have come to realize just how important
it is to build sustainable homes, sustainable workspaces, and sustainable

As part of this process many businesses and individual citizens have
realized that there are environmentally-friendly practices they can adopt
to help protect the environment in a positive way.

One such process that helps protect and sustain the environment is
document shredding. Many people think of document shredding in terms of
protecting their identity and that of their clients. While document
shredding has many identity implications, it also has implications with
regard to environmental protections and sustainability.

In today’s economy, the environment is often not the first consideration
in business. More businesses are concerned with saving money as their top
priority, and running an efficient business. Increasing sales is another
key area of interest.

However building a reputation as a sustainable business can actually
increase sales. More and more businesses are realizing the profitability
of becoming an environmentally friendly business.

Document shredding is one way to market a business as environmentally
friendly and sustainable. How so? Consider these figures published by the
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency or EPA:

In the U.S. over 250 million tons of waste or just under 5 pounds of
paper-related garbage is produced every day by each individual. This will
go to landfills where the garbage simply piles up.

In Canada every person produces approximately 1 ton of paper and related
garbage, and this figure is rising. Much of this comes from commercial

In Britain, studies from the Department for the Environment suggests that
commercial businesses produce over 300 million tons of paper-waste.

The good news is that despite all of this waste, many businesses are
committed to paper recycling. This is an ideal way to protect the
environment, and a simple way to improve sustainability.

Unfortunately simply recycling paper by leaving it in bins for other
agencies to pick up and recycle poses a risk for many businesses.

Important information may be left behind on papers that are not recycled
properly. There are papers that may not be handled properly when left for
municipalities or garbage handlers to recycle. These papers may be stolen
and used for identity theft which has become a serious problem throughout
the globe.

Any personal information that a company handles that is lost or stolen and
misused can lead to serious suits and money lost associated with
litigation against the company.

Document Shredding For Security and Environmental Sustainability

One of the primary motives for companies to shred paper is security. This
is a smart move that may dramatically improve a business’s paper reduction

There are a number of companies however, that not only practice document
shredding and document destruction, but also environmental sustainability.
The environmental impact of document shredding is tremendous. When
documents are shred rather than simply recycled, they can be re-used in
many ways.

For example, shred paper can be turned into many different consumer goods,
including paper plates and towels. This is an example of the environment
impact of document shredding. Not only are documents shredded, but they
are then transformed and re-used for other purposes. This is recycling at
its best. This saves the environment by saving the number of trees that
might otherwise be destroyed to be used for the purposes of also making
paper goods that could just as easily have been made from shred paper.

Organizations that participate in environmental sustainability can
dramatically reduce the negative impact of waste on the environment, save
trees and promote positive recycling as well as secure their documents and
control breaches. This is document shredding and environmental
sustainability at its best.

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