Do Air Purifiers Really Work ?

Do Air Purifiers Really Work? This is a question that comes to the mind of many people. Air pollution is a global issue. All the countries are affected in some way or the other due to the major issue of air pollution.

Animals and human beings including plants are mercilessly being exposed to air pollution which in turn is increasing the extinct list day by day. There are varying side effects of being exposed to air pollution. Breathing related disorders are being widely reported. To fight the issue of air pollution various measures are being defined and implemented by all the countries across the globe. On a personal level also preventive measures are being adopted to fight air pollution. There are many products out in the market, claiming to purify the indoor air. Still the very vital question, do air purifiers really work, seems to be opaque.

There are many different aspects of the question and one need to first understand the basic functionality of the air purifiers and the technical details.

Most of the air purifiers available in the market turn out to be bogus and the market is flooded with these false promising devices.

Air purifiers come in with different functionalities; some of them only purify microorganisms while others clean up the air pollutants viz. odors, suspended particles and organic compounds. While opting for an air purifier one should understand the objective and the working mechanism of the air purifier. Most of the air purifier has jacketed metal plates which are electro statistically charged.

These air purifiers capture spores, suspended matter particles and dust and yielding fresh air out. The air purifiers in fact do function, however the problem is that most of the allergens are too heavy and do not float with air. They remain suspended near the ground and are not captured by the air purifiers.

Most of the times these air purifiers come in with a life span for the electro statistically charged metal plates. They function quite effectively when new and as the time moves on the electromagnetic charges starts weakening affecting the performance.

Thus the question, do air purifiers really work, the answer is yes, provided proper cleaning and metal plates should be regularly changed to optimize the performance. There are air purifiers with motorized fans to pull the air and purify it; these are the best performing air purifiers on the shelf. Some detailed research is advised for netter performance when opting for an air purifier.

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