Definition Of Wellness

Many people believe that the definition of wellness is the state of well being. However, wellness has several other dimensions too which include

physical wellness, environmental wellness, mental wellness, medical wellness and financial wellness.

You can achieve overall wellness by using natural green methods.

Physical wellness:

If you want to gain physical wellness, you must consume nutritious foods and discourage the use of tobacco and excessive alcohol. Smoking not only pollutes the air, but also affects non-smokers.

If you quit smoking, the acres of tobacco fields would be used to produce some other beneficial food crops or grow trees that can reduce the impact of global warming.

Definition Of Wellness

You can reduce excessive fat through natural green methods. You can avoid or reduce consumption of red meat, which increases the risk of heart disease, atherosclerosis and colon cancer. The transportation of livestock and their meats have high carbon footprint, which harm the environment. Instead, you can eat chicken that has less fat. You can consume organic foods that do not contain pesticide residues. They are also rich in antioxidants that protect your cells from oxidative damage.

Environmental wellness:

The definition of wellness includes environmental wellness too. Leading a lifestyle that does not cause any problem to our environment can help save our planet from various hazards. Understanding the limits of natural resources, conserving energy, quitting smoking and recycling paper and glass can help us attain environmental wellness.

Mental wellness:

Mental wellness can be promoted through natural and green processes. You must ensure intake of nutritious food, engage in energetic physical activity and enjoy adequate rest and sleep to achieve perfect mental wellness.

There are several natural ways of reducing stress and anxiety. Rhythmic physical exertion like running, jogging and bicycling can help provide a feeling of deep relaxation.

Engaging in challenging water based activities such as kayaking and scuba diving can also help provide great relief from the day-to-day stress.

Medical wellness:

Medical wellness provides you with sufficient health care at the right time. It is important to understand how to prevent diseases and to promote optimal well being. For instance, consuming organic foods that do not contain pesticide residues can help protect you from many diseases, including heart diseases, cancer and high blood pressure.

Financial wellness:

Definition Of Wellness

The definition of wellness also includes financial wellness, which is nothing but having a clear understanding of your financial situation. Lack of financial wellness can contribute to problems in mental and physical wellness. Hence, you must take care of financial wellness in such a manner that you are prepared to face any financial challenges.

You can achieve financial wellness by using natural and green methods. You can minimize the use of motor car that requires natural gas or petroleum gas. You can save a lot of money by reducing the use of motor vehicles.

Instead, use the bicycle, which in turn will help you to attain physical and mental wellness too. You can also plan for growing vegetables in your garden organically, thereby reducing your monthly expenses.

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