Definition Of Ecotourism

The definition of ecotourism is responsible travelling on the part of travellers who travel to places that conserve our environment and travelling that improves the quality of life of the people inhabiting that area.

Ecotourism has some kind of principle. First of all it is all about bring together the conservation as well as communities and it is also about sustainable travel. The previous lines imply that those who volunteer to travel to such type of areas should participate in the activities of this type of travel and should also follow the following prescribed principles of this type of travel.

Definition Of Ecotourism
The 6 prescribed principles:

1) The travellers or volunteers should try to minimize the impact as far as possible.

2) They should not only try to build environmental awareness but they should also strengthen cultural respect.

3) They should provide the hosts and those visiting with positive, valuable and enriched experiences.

4) Providing financial benefits for conservation of these areas is also a very important task that needs to be fulfilled.

5) Other countries or areas should also take inspiration from your activity and mainly they should have something from which they can take inspiration from.

Such type of tourism is also conducted in fragile and pristine areas and such areas are also well protected. They strive to have a low impact and are also small scale, which means that they play the role of being an alternate option to mass or large scale tourism.

What is the purpose of this kind of tourism? Why to people undertake this type of tourism?

The main purpose of this type of tourism is to educate the person undertaking this type of travel and also this type of travel is undertaken to provide financial aid to the conservation of that area. These tours directly benefit the economic development of the particular area.

This travel also helps other financially able sectors to provide with help. Political empowerment is also one of the most important targets of this tourism. They also fight for respect for different cultures and human rights of those inhabitants.

Since the last 30 years this type of tourism is considered very important by the environmentalists so that our future generation is sensitive to such issues and so that they get a chance to experience areas which has not been ruined by humans already otherwise everything will be commercialized.

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