Cleaning Black Mold

Cleaning black mold is a matter that every house has to deal with. There are at least 1 million species of fungi that includes yeasts, molds and mushrooms. Commonly referred to as mildew, molds (also called black molds) is a subset of fungi that produces fluffy or powdery growth on surfaces.

Molds are ubiquitous and are the most common forms of fungus on earth. They usually grow at a high level indoors. Toxic molds can be found on cloth, carpets, leather, wood, sheetrock and insulation where moist conditions exists. Some of the most common signs of the existence of a black mold are moisture or dampness on the surfaces, yellowish stains on walls, mildew or musty odors. Formation of mold degrades the surface it is growing on, to obtain nutrition for itself.

During this process of surface degradation, the mold causes formation of Volatile organic Compounds (VOC’s) that are harmful to the human respiratory system and the nervous systems. These cause irritation to the nervous system.

Cleaning Black Mold
Some of the common symptoms of black mold poisoning include uneasiness in respiration, headache, cough, red eyes, rashes and hives on skin, nausea, memory loss, lethargy, dizziness, lack in concentration, asthma, allergic reactions (such as itching. Irregularity in blood pressure, damaged digestion and respiratory system, infection of urination tract, pain in liver and other internal organs. High level or prolonged exposure to molds can lead to infertility too.

In most of the above mentioned cases, cleaning black mold will generally resolve any issues. Molds can be found in places that are damp and humid. It is therefore recommended to check your homes for any leakage and fix them immediately. Dehumidifiers provide the best solution. If there are no molds, there will be no physical issues that are caused by it.

A good scrubbing with soap and water solutions are generally quite effective in stopping the spread of black molds, once the underlying water seepage or humidity issues are fixed.

Cleaning Black Mold

Ensure that your store shelves are stocked with anti mold sprays to combat slightest signs of black molds. If the soap and water solution does not prove effective, use a scrub brush with a good chlorine and water solution. If the molds are found on walls, clean the walls and repaint them. If the molds are too large, call in an expert to assist with the cleaning.

The most important thing is to ensure that you get rid of the black mold symptoms for good, in order to keep the mold from coming back. Always look out for any leakages. Damp walls or ceilings must be fixed immediately. Another common home for the molds is the refrigerators. Ensure that you keep your refrigerators spotless clean. Be sure to check under carpets and sniff around for musty odors.

Remember, it is the health of you and your family at stake and like the old saying goes “Prevention is always better than cure!” By keeping an eye out for molds and cleaning black mold before they spread, it is possible to enjoy enhanced health and avoid any problems that may arise from molds.

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