Certified Organic Coffee

Certified organic coffee lays emphasis on the conservation of soil and water and the use of renewable resources to enhance the quality of the environment.Organic coffee beans are produced without using pesticides, fertilizers and chemicals.

Instead, they are produced using organic methods, which include building healthy soil through composting and inter cropping. The farmers use biological pest control methods, which are beneficial to both farmers and consumers. Though non-organic coffee farming gives higher yields than organic coffee, it leaves our environment polluted and lifeless.

Advantages Of Organic Coffee

Certified organic coffee offers plenty of benefits to consumers, farmers and environment.

Certified Organic Coffee
• Organic coffee does not include any synthetics or chemicals. When you drink it, you can avoid consuming pesticides and harmful chemicals.

• Organic coffee beans are produced by using natural pesticides, which do not cause any adverse affects on your health. Drinking organic coffee can stabilize your blood sugar and boost your metabolism.

• It tastes better. It has slight bitterness and exotic aroma. It has less caffeine and more anti oxidants.

• It prevents environmental pollution.

• Organic coffee farming encourages sustainability and a wide range of wildlife.

• Organically grown coffee beans ensure a healthy global atmosphere.

• Non-organic coffee farming causes deforestation, soil erosion and habitat loss. Such problems are eliminated in organic coffee farming.

• If you are frequent coffee drinker, then the harmful chemicals used in the conventional coffee beans can cause several health problems like respiratory disorders, birth defects, cancer and other life threatening diseases. Certified organic coffee, on the other hand, is full of anti oxidants, which prevent the onset of diseases. The caffeine in the organic coffee beans is 100% pure and it makes you feel more energetic.

• People who want to lose their unwanted weight can drink organic coffee. It satisfies hunger, while eliminating the toxins from the body.

What is the need for certification?

The words” certified organic coffee” is often seen on the label of many coffee products. You may wonder about the need for certification. There are several manufacturers who use the words “organic” in their label. However, they mix some other items in the coffee and use chemical based processing methods. They simply use the term “organic” to increase sales. It is therefore important to certify that the coffee product was actually grown using organic methods only.

The products bearing the label “certified organic coffee” stress that they are grown by the farmers who use environmentally friendly methods to grow the coffee beans. The certificate assures the public that the product is safe for use.

The misuse of chemicals and pesticides has a serious impact on the lives of the workers. Generally, they do not use protective gear to protect them against harmful pollutants. The use of these chemicals has a great impact on the quality of life of the consumers. Certified natural coffee prevents accidental poisoning of land and animal. Hence, supporting organic coffee helps promote social justice and a healthy environment.

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