Cell Phone Safety

Cell phone safety is an important issue nowadays. Millions of people are using cell phones and many of them are also concerned about the dangers of cell phone use. Certain evidences have shown that the microwave radiation from cell phones may cause brain tumors, disturbed brain functioning and other related health problems. It is therefore important to take some safety precautions while using cell phones. There are certain products available for bio protection from cell phone activity. Cell phone chips that are designed with Bio pro technology are beneficial in preventing health problems. The electromagnetic radiation emitted from cell phones has close links to stress induced problems and illnesses.

The cell phone chips deal with the cumulative stress associated with modern electronic environment. They combine two powerful technologies- Molecular Resonance Effect Technology and Energy Resonance Technology. These cutting edge technologies are responsible for potential health problems caused by cell phone.

Cell Phone Safety
EMF (Electro magnetic force) generated by cell phones are known to disrupt sleep patterns and certain types of cancer. Consistent exposure to EMF can lead to the risk of developing certain health issues such as headache, fatigue, dizziness and skin rashes.

Cell phone safety is therefore highly important. You can buy physical shielding devices for cell phones that are available in the market. The shield will take away the radiation of the cellular phone antenna. EMF bio-protection technology is a specially designed solution to the EMF problem. It reduces the biological defects induced by EMF exposure.

Electromagnetic bio-protection antenna is another essential product that protects you from the radiation and EM pollution. Cell phone is used in close proximity to the face and is always very close to the brain. Hence, they can lead to serious health problems such as brain tumor. The bio protection antenna is an effective product that helps protect you from the effects of EM.

When you are choosing your new cell phone, you should definitely check its SAR (Spacific Absorption Rate). It is maybe the most important factor in buying a mobile phone if you care enough for your health. Here you can find a SAR rating list of some of the newest cell phones and how "hot" they are.

CMO (Compensatory magnetic Oscillation) Bio protection devices shield your cell phone and reduce the level of microwaves entering your head. They also help your body fight against the negative effects of electromagnetic radiation.

The technology used in designing these devices produces harmonic electromagnetic waves that can balance distributing frequencies in your body. It makes your body go through the potentially disturbing signals of cell phones.

The CMO devices help make your cell phone biocompatible against ELF and RF radiation. They offer a compensation frequency to the health frequencies that are required by the important minerals in your body. They also strengthen the natural health frequencies of these minerals and make them less adapted to the radiation from the cell phone. It is proved that they can reduce deformities in egg fetuses up to 90%.

In addition to taking cell phone safety measures, you also have to take steps to recycle cell phones. The electronic wastes are harmful to the environment. The electronic circuit boards in the cell phones have toxins. If disposed in landfills, they can cause adverse effects. Recycling cell phones can reduce the potential environmental problems significantly.
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