Causes Of Air Pollution Inside The House

The causes of air pollution inside the house are many. Some of the pollutants or irritants come from us, or our pets. Everyone’s skin sheds and flakes off and becomes dust, which is a form of indoor air pollution. Pet dander, smoke, debris and dirt from out clothing as we come inside also contribute. Mold, Radon and Carbon Monoxide are also dangerous air pollutants.

Causes Of Air Pollution
Chemicals, such as cleaning chemicals can be very toxic, especially if they are mixed in any area. Chemicals must be used with care. Finding non toxic alternatives are always best and there are recipes for them all over the internet as well as affordable “green” chemicals available in stores.

In winter and summer, people tend to keep all of their windows closed. The heat or the air conditioner is normally running. The problem is, very seldom if at all, do people have their air ducts cleaned. These are a major source of the pollutants in the home and should be cleaned at least yearly. Although outdoor pollution isn’t good either; indoor pollution is 10 times worse. Opening a couple of windows occasionally and letting in some air isn’t going to hurt.

Other Areas To Look Out For

Basements, bathrooms and other less ventilated areas are breeding grounds for mold. At least yearly, these areas should be cleaned with bleach and if possible, fan dried. Mold can cause big health problems in people of all ages. Don’t forget to clean behind the stove and the refrigerator because not only dust, but grease can accumulate there. Try to make out a schedule so that all areas of the house get cleaned regularly.

Getting an air purifier can work wonders with reducing the amount of air pollution in the home. There are types which can be used just for one room and also whole house purifiers. The several layers of filters in them do a remarkable job of picking up particles and pollutants. They are relatively inexpensive and you are almost guaranteed to be able to tell the difference in your indoor air within 24 hours. They work that well.

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