Causes of Water Pollution

There are a number of causes of water pollution. Water pollution is amongst the worst forms of the pollution affecting living beings. Everywhere we can see the water bodies are full of wastes and smell which has adversely affected the life of the marine creatures.

One of the major reasons behind water pollution is the human beings themselves. In spite of this fact we do not take any responsibility and simply play the blame game. We will be able to do something relevant towards this direction only when we are ready to make some compromises to our comfort and ease. Water gets polluted because of chemicals and other harmful substances. Our chief source of life is water but we simply forget it. Most of us do not recognize that this natural resource is consistently being infected because of sheer ignorance. The amount of the wastes is not the only reason for the water clearance.

Causes Of Water Pollution
The main trouble is the nature of the wastes and the insufficient provision for a fine technique to resolve the issue. There are various causes of water pollution but the main cause is the inadequate way of disposing the wastes. Most of us often opt for casual disposal because it is inexpensive, more beneficial or just suitable to them.

The world can very easily get rid from this problem by just being sensitive to the lifestyle they follow so that it does not have adverse impact on the environment. We simply need to make sure that clothes we wear or the household items we use are eco friendly and thus are not contributing to the pollution.

Similarly, if the chemical factories all across the world decide to take proper care of the waste water and makes sure it gets released only after being treated then it will not pollute any water body. If proper sewage treatment services are offered to every area then eutrophication can be managed and dying of water bodies will be put to an end. But most often due to the operational costs involved people hesitate to take any initiative.

One of the other significant causes of water pollution is the harmful substance originating from farming, industrial and household use. The toxic substances like constituents of lead, cadmium, mercury and dioxins found in these wastes badly affect our health.

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