Cannot Sleep

Everyone occasionally has the sleepless night when they cannot sleep. This becomes a real problem when we have too many sleepless nights and it becomes the norm rather than the exception. When that happens you need to get to the root of the matter so that you can get back to good sleep and optimal health. The best way to find the cause of prolonged sleeplessness is through a process of elimination, and sometimes addition or replacement.

Ruling out medical reasons is most important and should come first. Many times, if one has sleep apnea, which is having brief periods during the night when you stop breathing, you will be fatigued the next day.

In fact, people who suffer from sleep apnea usually find that they are tired just about every day. Only a doctor can tell you if you have sleep apnea. Chances are good that if you snore, you may have apnea.

Cannot Sleep
Other medical problems that disrupt sleep are anxiety and insomnia. Or many of these conditions there are medical options, but many prefer the more natural sleep aids that often come with lower risks and side effects.

Once you know rule out medical causes, you can begin to consider other things. An uncomfortable bed can always cause a restless night sleep. If possible, the best solution for sleep relaxation is something like the sleep number beds which were designed for comfort.

Having a couple of sleepless nights a month may not be convenient or even pleasant, but it is usually nothing to worry about. If you cannot sleep several nights a week then it is time to find the problem and find the solution. Why suffer from sleep deprivation if you don’t need to?

All Beds Are Not Created Equal

While the old mattress and box spring may be a perfect fit for some people, there are others for whom it is pure agony. For whatever reason, there are people who are completely uncomfortable on a traditional bed. That is why special beds, like the sleep number beds, were made. For people unable to sleep on regular beds, they can make all of the difference in the world.

It May Be More Than One Thing Interfering With Sleep

Some people think they have the problem figured out, they have the solution at hand and suddenly, they are unable to sleep again! If you find one thing that disturbs sleep and you find yourself waking up frequently again, it could be a secondary problem. Just continue through the list until you find out what the second problem is and you find the solution that works best for you.

If you cannot sleep well your entire life and health can be easily and dramatically affected. Take your health in your own hands, and see to the problem right away, before it becomes one that overtakes your life.

End Your Sleep Deprivation Can sleep deprivation be holding you back in life? Empower yourself with knowledge from Dr. Dement, the father of sleep science, and the students of Stanford Sleep and Dreams so you can sleep healthily and live alertly.

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