Building A Green House

Building a green house is not simply a pastime or money making option, but it is a great way to enhance the joy of gardening. It is highly beneficial in protecting and growing sensitive plants.

It can keep the plants away from pets, insects, extreme heat, humidity and frost. Though you need to spend some initial cost in building this, you can compensate it by way of reduced utility bills.

Greenhouses vary in sizes and styles, so you need to select a type that suits your requirement. Generally, they are available in rectangular forms and most of them can be attached to the house. Such lean-to greenhouses are very popular among many gardeners.

Green House Plans

Backyard green houses:

If you are interested in home gardening, you can plan for a backyard green house. You can build it easily and economically by using certain simple hand tools.

Green Houses
Selecting the site is the most important aspect in building a green house. The site must be a well-drained plot and should be located where air drainage is excellent. You can use backyard greenhouses to grow vegetable plants and to protect patio plants and containerized woody plants during winter.

Types of greenhouses:

Glass type greenhouses:

Glass greenhouses offer a pleasant appearance and are easy to maintain. If you opt for an aluminum frame with a glass covering, you are virtually free from any maintenance throughout its lifetime. Glass is available in several forms, so you can pick the one that suits almost any architectural style. Many gardeners prefer tempered glass to regular glass, as it is much stronger and sturdier.


You can go for a fiberglass greenhouse plan, if want to prevent uneven growth of plants inside the greenhouse. It is lightweight, yet strong and is renowned for its hail proof capacity. It can last for a long period of time. Some of the fiberglass greenhouse manufacturers apply ultra violet blocking agents in the resin that covers the fiberglass. This prevents your plants from burning during hot summers.

Plastic greenhouses:

Plastic greenhouses are used by several gardeners, as they are available at affordable rates. They can absorb heat and can increase the quality of fruits and vegetables. The most commonly used plastics are Polyethylene, PVC and copolymers. Building a green house by using polyethylene, can withstand extreme weather conditions. If you opt for the UV inhibited polyethylene, you can avoid deterioration.

Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) greenhouses can help you reduce the initial cost and they require a very limited space only. They are lightweight and strong. You can get some good PVC greenhouse plans on the internet or from a nearby nursery.

Greenhouses are useful in extending the growing season of the plants. Some specialized greenhouses can reduce the hot temperature and manage water loss in plants. Controlling inside the greenhouse is easier, so you can grow delicate plants without any difficulty. You can plan on building a lean to or free standing greenhouse, after considering certain factors like cost, space and purpose.

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