Biodegradable Detergent

Most of the detergents found in the market are chemical based and they are resistant to the action of the biological agents. It is very difficult to eliminate them from municipal waste waters. They can pose a serious problem to aquatic life.

These problems are overcome by biodegradable detergents. There is a growing market for green products now and these detergents are preferred by several environmental lovers.

The citrus based detergent is great for cleaning and it has a pleasant smell too. It dries much quickly without leaving any residues. Moreover, it does not contain any toxic or harmful substances. If the stain is hard, you can apply it undiluted and rinse after 15 minutes.

Concentrated detergents are also available for using with pressure washers. They contain active ingredients that are safe to use on any surfaces. You can use the general purpose detergent to clean tough stains in painted and unpainted surfaces. They are competitively priced and offer great value for money. The biodegradable ingredients in these detergents protect your pressure washer as well.

Biodegradable Detergent

Springtime 2 X biodegradable laundry detergent contains high performance ingredients that help to wash your clothes easily and effectively

. You just need to use half the amount of a normal detergent per load. It is suitable for both front loading and top loading washing machines. It is environmentally friendly. It is manufactured locally to reduce shipping distance, so it reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

As it is designed with concentrated formula, it requires only less water to manufacture. It is effective in cold water and thus saves energy. It is biodegradable within a month, so it is less likely to harm the environment.

Biodegradable detergents that are produced with natural ingredients do not harm your hands or fabrics.

They are easily available in specialty stores. They are usually available in recyclable bottles. Refilling the bottles can reduce the amount of wastes. They are not tested on animals. However, you may wonder whether they clean crayon marks on the wall, tomato puree from the floor and ink stains on the shirt.

These detergents have powerful ingredients that dissolve all marks in the wall, without degrading the paint. They can also remove all types of stains from the floor and clothes. They leave a fresh smell also. Besides proper cleaning, they reduce water pollution.

The detergents that are poorly biodegradable under anaerobic conditions can increase the risk of exposing soil organisms. The toxicity of the detergent surfactant can increase the risk of developing health problems. They can leave a residue on clothes. They can even turn clothes grayish. Biodegradable detergents, on the other hand, are effective, low cost, non toxic and safe for the environment.

Nowadays, biodegradable detergent is available for cleaning medical instruments and metal components. It removes rough stains and rust, without causing any damage to the metal components.

Selecting the detergents that contain renewable ingredients instead of petroleum based ingredients can help to save our natural resources. You can also ensure the least possible damage to the environment.

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