Best Water Purifier
Clean Water For You, Great For The Planet

Investing in the best water purifier is probably the best way to ensure that the water you, your family, and your pets drink, is clean and fresh tasting.

Clean drinking water is one of life’s necessities. While the water that comes from your tap may look like it is clean, it is possible that it contains microbes, heavy metals, and even radon.

Different Levels of Filtration

Different styles of water purifiers, as well as various levels of filtration are available. From whole house purifiers to single-tap models, there is a purifier for every budget.

Best Water Purifier

Whole House Water Purification Systems – The very best water purifier deliver clean, pure, drinking quality water to every tap, shower head, and appliance in the house. They remove chlorine, heavy metals, pesticides and herbicides, as well as any tastes or odors that may be present in the water. Some whole house water purification systems rely on activated carbon, pumice, and various meshes. Others purify water via magnets. Some rely on salt – the old style salt purification systems are not the best and require a lot of maintenance. Whole house water purification systems can deliver quality water to you for pennies a day – you will never have to buy drinking water again.

Portable Water Purification Systems – Smaller purification systems are less expensive to purchase and make use of cutting edge technology to clean your drinking water. Some are designed for countertop use, and others are about the size of a standard water cooler. Standard portable water purifiers make use of carbon filtration technology. Newer technologies use UV light to kill bacteria.

Faucet Filters – Faucet filters are designed to attach to a single tap in your home, and to deliver clean water. They can be turned on and off to extend the purification cartridge’s life, so you just use the purifier for drinking and cooking. Some faucet filters even come with added flavors for those who do not really enjoy the flavor of water alone.

Pitchers and Dispensers – Pitchers and Dispensers can be filled with tap water and stored in the refrigerator to give you fresh, cool water any time.

Refrigerator Filters – If your refrigerator has a water dispenser, be sure to follow manufacturer’s recommendations for keeping it clean, and be sure to use an appropriate refrigerator filter.

Making your own “bottled water” can save you hundreds of dollars every year, and can help you to ensure that the water you are drinking is as healthy as it can be.

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