Best Home Air Purifier

When shopping for the best home air purifier, you are going to be confronted by a lot of numbers and facts that may make it confusing to pick the right one. The important thing to remember is that most air purifiers do the same job. It’s just a matter of to what degree do they do that job and how economical is it to run. A good air purifier will have several different filter systems in it. This ensures that all of the impurities will be trapped before moving through the unit. The air purifier should also be economical to run. Most of the time, this information is on the box of the air purifier and some have an energy rating.

The best home air purifiers are quiet and run efficiently. They should also be safe around children and pets. Most of the time, this is not a problem but some cheaply made units may pose a problem. Also, make sure the unit is fairly easy to clean. Once the filters get dirty they are not going to be working as well as they should and will need cleaning. This process should be fairly easy to do.

Different homes have different amounts of air impurities in them. Someone may live in a particularly dusty area or near a field where there are a lot of plants and pollen. Consider the size of the unit needed. Will you be choosing a room air purifier or a whole house air purifier? Only you can decide what is right for your circumstances.

Room Air Purifier vs. Whole House Air Purifier

There are some advantages to both. Some people choose the room air purifier for baby’s room to ensure it is as clean and sterile as possible. If baby spends most of the time in that one room, this solution would work. However, if the baby is moved from room to room, a whole house air purifier might make more sense.


While HEPA filters are not 100% necessary, they do provide the best filtration system available and they do trap more impurities than any other filter system. HEPA is sometimes used in conjunction with other filter types which makes it one of the best air purifiers available on the market.

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