Best Water Filters

For a healthy life it is necessary for you to follow a balanced diet and drink clean water. To achieve that, you have to choose the best water filters for your house. The tap water that is supplied to our homes may contain a lot of impurities and are not really clean. Though the government takes care and ensures purification of water before it is supplied to the public, a lot of pollutants escape the purification process. Water gets contaminated very easily. Household chemicals, heavy metals, bacteria and pesticides are some of the common pollutants found in water.

It is important to ensure that all water that comes into your home must be clean. If your shower water is contaminated you may develop skin ailment which makes your body feel itchy all over. In some cases, shower heads become clogged, broken, or corroded, in which case you may want to purchase a new one. Water borne diseases are many and they make life miserable. It is therefore a good idea investing in one of the best water filters available in the market.

Best Water Filters
Many companies have realized the need for manufacturing effective water filters. Some of the reputed and reliable water filter brands include Big Blue, Brita, Cuna, Omni, Samsung, Aquasana, Everpure, Berkey, Culligan and Whirlpool.

You can choose from any of these brands as they all provide good value for money. Water filters come in different capacities and you can select one depending on your specific requirement.

If the water filter is installed in a proper manner, then you can be assured of a continuous supply of clean water for a long time to come. All the good water filter brands offer a range of different water filters. For example, you can choose the refrigerator water filter or a filter that cleans all water coming into your home or even choose the pitcher filter offered by Brita.

The difference in water filters is in the filter used. The technology used for water filtration differs with different models and brands. All brands offer water filters in different capacities too. For instance, Aquasana offers a 500 Gal capacity water filter and so does Culligan. If you are looking at per gallon cost of use, you will find that Aquasana is the cheapest and most affordable; offering 9.6 cents per gallon and Brita is the most expensive offering 25 cents per gallon. You will thus be paying 147.99 for a year for 1000 gallons if you are using Aquasana water filter and 273.91 if you are using Brita.

As you hunt around for the best water filter ensure that it filters leas, cysts, chlorine, THMs, VOCs, lindane, atrazine, TCE and MTBE. In short, the best filters must be able to eliminate all the harmful chemicals and impure substances from water.

A lot of companies come up with absolutely fantastic and unrealistic claims for their product. Therefore, before you part with your hard earned money ask any documentation or customer testimonials which support their claim.

Based on all these factors choose one of the best water filters available in the market for your use. This will ensure a continuous supply of quality filtered water and also ensure your family a healthy lifestyle.

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