Best Bottled Water

It is important to ensure that you are getting the best bottled water, before spending money on it. Reading reviews can help you understand the qualities you have to look for in bottled water. In addition, it is highly recommended to equip yourself with adequate knowledge on different types of bottled water, so that it is easy to compare them. Spring water, purified water, sparkling bottled water, mineral water, artesian water and well water are some of the most common types of bottled waters.

How To Choose The Best Bottled Water?

You have to keep in mind that water does not have any taste or nutritional value. If any bottled water claims to contain nutritional value, then it must be added to the water, which normally will affect the taste of the water.

Best Bottled Water
• When you want to buy bottled water, you must first determine the purpose for which you are purchasing it. If you like the taste, you can go for sparkling water. Mineral waters have a strong taste, whereas distilled water does not have any taste.

• The type of container which is used to hold water also affects the taste of the water. Containers made up of low grade plastics will lend a plastic taste to the water. You can select bottled water that comes in PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) bottles. However, this too may contain contaminants. The best option is to buy water in glass bottles.

• Make sure that the brand you choose is certified by the International Bottled Water Association.

• It is important to check the labels of the bottled waters, which normally specifies the source of water. If the bottled water does not meet the federal regulations, it will be mentioned in the label.

• It is significant to check the mineral content of the bottled water you purchase. It is worth selecting the water that contains 90mg magnesium and 180mg calcium. Some manufacturers do not provide the mineral content details in the label. You can avoid buying water from such brands.

• If you want to buy the best bottled water for your infant, you should check the fluoride content of the water. If the amount is low, it is then distilled water.

• Keep away from water bottled in strong plastic bottles.

Current research and testing is showing that many plastic bottles are sourced with a compound known as Bisphenol A. This chemical has been shown to be very toxic to the human body. By learning how you can prevent your family's exposure to this dangerous chemical and how you can choose bpa-free sourced water bottles during your shopping trips, you can effectively prevent any toxic build-up in your system for your own health and protection.
• If you buy purified bottled water, the label must specify the purification method. Aquafina is the most popular and preferred brand of purified water today.

• If you buy bottled water, ensure you keep it away from heat and light. Also make sure that you use it before the expiration date.

Why You Need To Choose The Best Bottled Water?

Many people like the convenience of carrying water bottle. Others are concerned about the safety of the water they fill from public places. Though public water is safe, industrial plants and chemicals can contaminate the municipal water sources. It is not advisable drinking contaminated water.

Chlorine is used to disinfect public water. However, it changes the taste of the water. Certain water sources are subject to environmental regulations. Copper pipes and lead exposure are other factors that may contaminate water.

Lead may cause several adverse effects such as decrease in the learning ability of children, kidney damage and high blood pressure in adults. It is therefore advisable taking time to choose the best water available in bottles.

Pros Of Using The Most Excellent Bottled Water

• Certain brands of bottled waters contain high minerals such as calcium and magnesium. These minerals are good for our health. Calcium strengthens the bone and magnesium strengthens the immune system.

• Bottled waters are regulated by the Food and Drug administration. Bottled water companies who are members of International bottle water Association usually meet the standards set by the FDA.

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