The Natural Nerve Protector, Herb Avena

Herb Avena, is also called oat straw. This herb is said to be a good friend for the skin and hair. It is said to take care of many problems related to skin like, eczema, inflammation and other skin related conditions.

It is also useful for the nervous and hormonal system and said to take good care of it. Due to this property, it is said to be extremely useful in cases where there is diminished sex drive. This herb when used by both men and women can produce great results and act as a stimulant.

Continuous and regular usage can help in maintaining the right balance of blood sugar levels and help them cope with depression. It also helps people with attention deficit disorders. Many daily beverages have oat straw as a valued ingredient as it is high in mineral content.

It is commonly known as Wild Oats, Oat Straw, Wild Grass and Wild Oats Milk Seed. It is said to produce great results in nourishing and restoring nerves and the reproductive organs.

It has shown results in treating impotence, anxiety, weakness, nervous exhaustion, premature ejaculation, scanty menstruation and cramps, exhaustion after childbirth and during breast-feeding.

Unlike many medical drugs, till date Avena has not shown any side effects. This can be used as a tonic and a good immune booster. This herb is not expensive like the other drugs and can be used easily and regularly. This is also effective and powerful.

This herb can be safely used along with many other drugs and does not hinder its performance. Many medications react badly to certain herbs. While this herb is even used as a good alternative to some herbs which are used to reduce anxiety without any side effects. This herb is also added to the bath to treat some skin conditions like eczema, tropically.

These herbs are good for heart as they check the blood fats and keep them under control. The seeds themselves are good sexual stimulants for animals like horses and studies shows that they have shown similar effects in human beings too. This is popularly used by men having erectile problems.

Herb Avena is also a good source of soluble fiber and carbohydrates. They have a good content of Iron, Manganese, and Zinc. Along with that, they also possess compounds, which have both soothing and sedative effects to the brain and the nervous system. As it has this beautiful property of restoring nerves, it is also considered an Aphrodisiac.

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