“The Wonder Herb”

Astragalus is an herb which is widely used in treating many diseases and ailments. It is also used to treat many diseases causing liver damage and in treating the side effects caused to due to chemotherapy and radiation. It can also be considered an immune booster. It is necessary to remember that using herbal products is extremely good for the health as there will be little or no side- effects. But it is also essential to remember that people should continue their medication and also look at alternative therapies.  

Astralagus comes under the botanical classification of Astralagus Membranaceus when you take the genus and specie and the family of Papilionaceae. It is also called a Huang qi, pak kei, milk vetch and yellow leader.

It is basically a native of Mongolia and Northern China. It is a perennial plant that bears yellow small flowers. The root is thick and it also has a fibrous, yellowish tough skin. These roots are dried and their extracts are then used.

Astragalus is a Chinese herb, which is supposed to have properties of increasing stamina, improves vitality, more immunity against diseases and also in giving stress resistance.

Its Main uses are as follows, you will be benefited when used internally.

  • Increases the immunity by boosting the macrophages, which is a type of white blood cells, to fight against bacteria, viruses and fungi.
  • It is also used to fight against regular colds and flu.
  • This herb has proved to be effective in making cancer medication more effective.
  • This has also proved to increase everyday metabolism.
  • This herb is very effective in improving the immune system and also reducing blood pressure
  • In Diabetics, it is used to improve fasting sugar levels and the blood flow also.
  • It is said to relieve angina pain, which is otherwise done using chemical medicines.   
  • It is said to treat bladder infections and also fight from kidney stones formation in the body.

It is necessary to remember that this herb can be taken to help in maintaining good health on a day-to-day basis and not when there is a fever or an illness. Also, when people are taking some medication, which is a beta-blocker or a blood thinner, this should not be used as this may cause bleeding if taken along with warfarin.

In short, here is an herb which if and when used wisely can prove to be very powerful in healing and combating with many diseases which is widely prevalent all over the world.

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