Herb With A Great Medicinal Value

Ashwagandha is a rasayana herb and is one of the most important herbs in Ayurveda. The herb is widely used in Ayurvedic treatments and will help relieve stress, chronic fatigue, restore body and muscle tissue, and also aid in rheumatism.

It helps to prevent male fertility and is used as an aphrodisiac. Since it has vast application, the ayurvedic physicians extensively use it for treating people and relieve them from different ailments.

Ashwagandha also known as Withania somnifera and this shrub is located across India. It is found mostly in the northwest part of the country. As it has good commercial demand the shrub is cultivated in the fields.
The size of the plant would vary from 1 to 5 feet. The name is derived due to two reasons, the first being the root of the plant has the smell of horse and other being it revitalizes the body to provide the strength. It helps the body to handle the stress and rebuilds the nervous system. 

Studies on this herb have showed that it has the combination of superior properties like laghu and tickt that helps to act and cure numerous diseases. It is also used as an herb to support adrenal exhaustion.

This herb has several benefits and uses:

  • In the ayurvedic medicine it is considered as an important adaptogen
  • It has the capability to suppress the pain in the body
  • It shows good results for diseases related to adrenal glands and provides great relief
  • The local application of the herb does have tremendous effect in goiter and on those parts of the body that has inflammation and pain
  • It has great effect on healing injuries and wound
  • Due to strong penetrating power, it promotes calmness and mental satisfaction that counters negative adaptogens
  • The herb provides nourishment to brain and make it function better and improve the ability of work
  • It improves mental stability and retains power and help build up stamina in the individual
  • It acts as a powerful immune booster and helps to fight foreign invasion into the body
  • The antioxidant property in this herb avoids early aging   
  • It is the most common herb that relieves hypertension with great results
  • It behaves as a diuretic that helps in urinary tract infection treatments
  • It improves the physical endurance of individuals and help people get out of long-term illness or from surgeries
  • It shows great results for asthmatic patients

This herb that grows in India has great medicinal value and is extensively used in ayurvedic treatments.

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