Arnica Montana –An Essential Herb In Every Home

Arnica Montana, the common homeopathic perennial grows to about two to three feet in the mountainous expanse of western North America and Europe. This perennial herb takes the form of a round, hairy, long–stemmed yellowish–orange flowers akin to daisies with bright green leaves. There are toothed hairy upper leaves while the lower leaves end in curved tips. This native mountainous herb of Siberia and Europe gets plowed in North America.

The wonder flower constitutes a pungent yellow crystalline tenet, Amicin with capricious oil with the presence of phulin and Tannin. It is believed to contain more of Amicin as against rhizome, but not tannin.
This herb is also otherwise known as Leopard's Bane, Mountain Tobacco, or Arnica Montana.

This wonder herb of Central Europe can be grown in mountain pastures and woods found in Southern Scotland and England. This herb prospers in a concoction of peat, sand, and loam, gets propagated by division of root or from the seeds, is divided in the spring, gets sown in a relatively cold frame in early spring, and finally is planted out in May.

The flowers are then collected and dried with the receptacles being removed as they are prone for insect attacks. Finally, the roots get collected in autumn with the leaves being dead.

This herb works wonders with tissue generation and helps promote healing. The sesquiterpene lactone content in this herb is believed to aid in reduction of inflammation and reduces pain. It also helps to a great extent by way of stimulating the white blood cells dispersing the trapped blood from the site of injury. There are lot of creams made using this herb that can help treating inflammation and pain arising out of arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome. This herb comes as a boon in disguise even for the overstressed muscles.

Researches have proved that Norway marathon runners apply the paste of this herb before the event in an effort to lessen the stiffness and pain experienced post the event. If you are looking at making your bath more relaxing, trying adding a few drops of oil made from this herb to your bath especially try soaking your achy and tired feet into it. This herb can also take care of your burns, acne and eczema, not to mention the anti–inflammatory and antibacterial effects.

This is regarded a wonder herb among people with heart conditions as it helps in stimulating blood circulation thereby raising the blood pressure particularly in the coronary artery.

A word of caution, ensure exercising great care prior to applying the herb especially for those of you all with sensitive skin. Any form of this herb can be used as an exclusive external application and can be taken internally only in the form of a homeopathic drug  under the strict supervision of your practitioner.

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