Alternative Home Energy

One of the best ways to join the green revolution is to become familiar with the alternative home energy. There are a few really great ways to save the planet and also to save yourself some money at the same time.

Different Kinds of Alternative Energy

There are many types of alternative home energy at different investment levels. Here we will talk about the hottest trends:

Solar Energy – Solar energy comes from the sun. It is free, once you get a system in place for capturing it. One of the best things about solar energy capture is that if you end up making more energy than you can use, the electric company could end up paying you for the excess!

o You can make an entire rooftop solar electricity system from Roof Worx LLC, or install panels on part of your property. If you want to take advantage of solar power but have limited space or funds, individual solar tiles are available that will fit into the overall design of your rooftop and interlock with existing shingles.

Alternative Home Energy

o One great way to take advantage of the sun’s energy without actually converting your whole house to solar energy is to install a solar hot water heating system. Skylights or other solar heating devices can be installed in your home’s rooftop. These can add beauty and natural light to your home while helping you to save money on your electric bill.

o Most people hook their solar energy systems into their home’s existing grid and keep their connection to the power company active. Unless you live in an area that gets plenty of sun 365 days a year, you will probably need an outside power source. If you want to get off the grid completely, you can install a generator and even supplement with wind power.

o Sun can also be the power source for many applications in your home. Solar rechargeable batteries contribute in reducing landfills and land pollution. They will definitely save you money as they can be charged as many times as you want.

o With the popularity of home solar panels increasing exponentially as technology progresses, the number of solar panel theft cases has skyrocketed as a result. Since most larger—and thus, more valuable—solar panels are mounted outside, that makes it more convenient for would-be burglars to swoop in and steal it. Thankfully, this is easy to stop; in fact, this is a game changer. There are a number of home security systems out there that can deter most theft attempts. Plus, when coupled with good outdoor lighting and surveillance equipment, a good security outfit can scare away the most determined burglars.

Wind Electricity – When you consider wind electricity, you might think of giant turbines at big wind farms. Smaller systems are available for helping to power individual homes. They can be used off-grid, or hooked into city grid systems.

o Wind powered generators take a bit more attention than solar panels do, but if installed and maintained correctly, they can be a satisfying form of green energy. If you are thinking about installing wind turbines, be sure to thoroughly investigate the costs and labor associated with installation and maintenance.

Microhydro Electricity – Large scale hydro-electric dams such as the Hoover Dam produce enormous amounts of electricity. The same concept is available on a smaller scale for homeowners who have access to a running stream. Water pressure and water flow are both essential to the success of a microhydro electrical system. Together, they turn a turbine that connects to your generator.

By consuming less energy you contribute in helping the environment and the planet to recover. There are also a lot of ways you may consider, such as installing a tankless water heater which will save you money by consuming less energy and water.

Whether you are planning to install alternative home energy now or in the future, the options are becoming more effective and user-friendly all the time. By keeping up to date on developing technology, you will be well prepared when the time comes to install your own green energy source!

There are many types of alternative home energy at different investment levels. Here you can get an idea of some of them...

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