Air Pollution Facts

The shock factor is moot when it comes to air pollution facts. There is no exaggeration needed to shock people about the facts. They speak for themselves and they are very alarming.

The World Health Organization says that about 2 million people die prematurely every year due to air pollution globally. That in itself indicates that there are a lot of nasty things floating around in our air that we are breathing in every day.

Air Pollution Facts
Industrial pollution is one of the biggest contributors to air pollution but worse are the industries who pollute the air, ground and water with illegal chemicals. It happens every day. There must be stricter enforcement of the laws when it comes to businesses and illegal dumping.

According to a German study, people who breathe in the fumes of heavy traffic regularly have higher chances of getting hardening of the arteries. Although car pools have been recommended for years and there are even car pool lanes on some interstates, the majority of people still pay no heed. It doesn’t have to be going to work. Car pooling can be done for running errands and grocery shopping. Taking one car instead of two or three would go a long way to easing air pollution.

Interesting Facts About Air Pollution

  • Jogging near heavy traffic results in less blood flow to the heart according to a study in Scotland

  • Air pollution has been shown to reduce lung function in children

  • Los Angeles has been studying air pollution for 20 years and says that the damages from it are actually 2-3 times more than the current estimates.
    Air Pollution Facts

  • Air pollution has now been shown to increase incidents of ear infection in children

  • There are 189 chemicals listed on the Clean Air Acts list of hazardous air pollutants.

  • Due to traffic pollutants and diesel emissions, truck drivers have a 49% higher chance of dying of heart disease.

  • Health care costs due to air pollution are from $14 Billion to $55 Billion annually.

What We Can Do About Air Pollution

We are reaching critical levels here. It is not too far fetched to say that our grandchildren may not be able to be outdoors without a gas mask or oxygen. It is best to find out all of the real air pollution facts and then start making a difference. Do what you can to clean up or reduce air pollution but also write letters to legislators and others who can make a big difference in the country. If enough people do it, the powers that be will start to listen, and act.

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