Many people use only herbs for curing certain diseases. Agrimony is one such herb that belongs to rose family. This is a pretty looking plant with tiny yellow flowers called as church steeples.  These herbs have fruits that are marked by hooked bristles – cockleburs, either at the top or towards the tip. This herb is traditionally used in healing, but mostly used as sleep inducing remedy. Though this herb does not possess any narcotic properties, this is quite popular for inducing deep sleep as long as the herb is kept near the person.

Agrimony, named after Mithridates Eupator, King of Pontus. It is also called as Agrimonia Eupatoria in Latin language. Other common names given to this herb are Cocklebur, Philanthropos, Church Steeples and Sticklewort.

This herb is the native to the temperate regions of the Northern Hemisphere. One species is found in Africa. This herb is found in abundant on hedge banks and the sides of fields through out England. This herb is commonly seen in dry thickets and on waste places. The herb is much more local in Scotland. It grows well in sun or semi shade and this herb are highly tolerant of alkaline soil.

Uses:  The dried aerial part of this herb is used in many ways.
The whole plant yields a yellow dye which is gathered in September, and later used to dye wool of deep yellow.

This herb is used to cure coughs, relaxed bowels and diarrhea.
It is used as digestive tonics as it tones the mucous membranes and improves the absorption and secretion.

This herb is commonly used as gargle tonic. The stem, flowers and leaves of the dried herb is mixed with boiling water to make gargle tonic which will be soothing for throat.

The dried herb is used to cure diseases that are related to liver such as jaundice, peptic ulceration and also used for controlling colitis.
It is very useful agent in skin eruptions and diseases of pimples, blood and blotches.

Many people do not know that this herb is beneficial as eyewash for conjunctivitis.

This is also one of the finest and the most useful herbs that is found in England and exported to other countries.

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