Advantages of Nuclear Power

Advantages of nuclear power are known to the world since long. Global warming has become a major cause of concern today. It has been observed that the last couple of decades have been major contributing factors towards putting this issue on the International agenda.

Study reveals that the energy consumed all over the world is increasing by 3% every year. This piece of fact is good enough to send a chill down your spine. We have now reached a situation wherein if we fail to look for alternate sources of energy, we might as well be headed towards the end of the world. Choosing to live a natural lifestyle isn’t always easy; but it’s almost always worth it. A well-rounded diet is key to maintaining your green lifestyle, but if you aren’t able to get all the nutrients you need from your diet, you may want to consider adding an herbal supplement or two to your daily routine. Fiber supplements can help cleanse your body of toxins, while probiotics can help maintain a healthy digestive.

Nuclear power or nuclear energy has been one of the options open to mankind. However, it has also been a subject of controversy. Nuclear energy can be produced by using two different processes. They are known as fusion and fission.

Advantages Of Nuclear Power

Fission process is known to create energy equivalent to 10 million times that of the energy created by burning fossil fuels. The fission process involves the splitting of nuclei. On the other hand, fusion is the process which focuses on joining of nuclei. However, this process has not been executed in a safe manner till date. Energy experts believe that the safe working of the fusion process can be a huge boon to mankind as this would potentially solve the energy crises we face today.

If the right kind of reactor is used, Nuclear energy can be renewable. This is also one of the advantages of nuclear power. There are as many as 442 nuclear reactors all over the world today. Out of them 130 are in the United States itself. Energy experts around the world are working hard to invent hi tech gadgets and technology which would enable us to produce the maximum amount of nuclear energy. However, it would take a minimum of 20 years from now to reach the desired level. This estimation would only turn into reality if all goes as per plan.

Uranium, which is the ultimate source of nuclear power, is available in huge quantities in the continent of Australia. Uranium is easy to transport and the process of mining is relatively cheap. Although the advantages of nuclear energy are enormous, the process which leads to the generation of this type of energy is tough and throws a number of challenges. There have been 17 accidents in the past 60 years which are associated with nuclear energy generation. Fortunately, only few out of them have resulted into death.

However, with the kind of advantages nuclear power can offer, this risk is worth taking.

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