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Why Go Green? Reduced pollution, global warming, respect for the planet, increased lung ailments due to impurities in the air, diseased game and wildlife, and the list goes on. These are just some of the many reasons to go green.

There is a limited amount of natural resources, and with a population explosion expected to reach 9 Billion by 2050, our time to find a real workable solution is running short. Soon, there will be a lot less to go around. Our consumption of non-renewable natural resources is too high already. As the planet's population grows, scarce resources will become harder to obtain.

About Us

All around the world, individuals and communities are learning to save and conserve. Most of us realize the need to save financially, such as for retirement, weddings, or for college educations. However, but saving natural resources in order that our descendants can enjoy a high quality of life isn’t necessarily something everyone thinks to do. Another issue is that many of us carelessly improperly discard the very things that endanger our natural resources. Tossing batteries in land-fill trash, for example, will end up polluting the earth and even underground water.

We need a new and different way of thinking. But, it will take time and effort before it becomes second nature. Going green? Yes, because it is the right thing to do and because it may be the only thing to do. Going green is the right solution not just for yourself, but also for your family, loved ones, your future descendants, and everyone on the planet. Most of us should start off small, local, and without trying to change the world all at once. Work consistently and steadily to work our way up to actions with greater impact. We need to make this work, starting small and being consistent is often what works. There are many ways to save and preserve natural resources, we need to figure them out and implement them for the future generations.

We are a European Union based team with a vision to establish a point in the net, where anyone with ecological conscience would discover every possible way to make his/her life better using the power of nature. Our goal is to inspire people with ecological feeling to spread the word and attract more and more to this one way road for our planet. Green living.

Saving the planet, begins from our home, our family. Our home is our shelter, the place where we need to relax and feel close to our people. We will help you find the way to do that in a natural manner and contribute in saving our common home. Our planet.

Change your everyday’s habits or if you are already acting green, discover new ways of making your home’s environment greener. Learn how to give you and your family the best natural solutions for a healthier environment all the time you are spending at home.

Our team is trying its best every day, to gather information and knowledge for you and your family, so that thegreenlivingexpert.com will be your guide to green and wellness.

Please feel free to contact us anytime. Tell us your thoughts and opinions about us. We also like to hear your suggestions or wishes about making this site better. Share your knowledge and experience with us. Help us build a community where visitors will exchange and gather information about green natural living.

We look forward to meeting and learning from you,

Thegreenlivingexpert.com team

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