How Going Green Can Change Your Life

Going green has become trendy. Politicians and celebrities are always talking about it, and most companies offer green versions of their products. But what exactly does it mean to go green?

Green living is a way of life in which people make choices that will benefit the environment and seek to do that which is best for the planet, including all the people who live on it. It involves being aware that life on this planet is now interconnected, and every choice we make affects others in ways we can't easily predict.

Green Eating: An Example of The Green Lifestyle

Advocates of the green lifestyle encourage eating organic foods as much as possible. Organic foods are grown or raised without chemicals or extra hormones; eating these natural foods helps you gain energy because you're not poisoning your body with chemicals or other unnatural elements. Thus, green eating is important for wellness.

Going Green

However, there are many hidden benefits in going green with natural eating as well.

* Support of your local economy. A large part of green eating involves buying foods from local farmers as much as possible. Many cities have a farmer's market where you can buy fresh, organic vegetables for lower prices than you can get processed vegetables for in your supermarket. So by going green, you put money in local farmers' pockets and save money on food purchases.

* Save energy. Most supermarket food is imported from elsewhere in the world. This means that it has to be transported by air or ship. Once it reaches the United States, it's loaded onto trucks and driven to supermarkets. All this transportation has costs for the environment as well as for consumers – extra carbon emissions and greenhouse gases are released into the environment as a result of extra driving. In addition, buying green products saves on packaging, much of which is not biodegradable.

* Get more nutrients. Organic foods have more nutrients than processed food and are therefore better for your health. For example, organic milk contains more Omega-3 acids than processed milk.

* Promote organic farming. The more organic food you purchase, the more profit organic farmers make. This allows these farmers to stay in business. If organic farming becomes more profitable than making processed foods, businesses will offer more organic foods and organic farming will become the norm.

Saving Energy Through Green Lifestyle

Going Green

An eco-friendly lifestyle is about saving energy in everything you do. As the previous section demonstrated, your food choices save energy in ways you never imagined. Another core part of the going green lifestyle involves buying eco-friendly products, especially products that are made out of recycled parts. Making new things takes more energy than recycling.

Workers have to cut down trees or destroy other parts of the environment to make new products, then process those raw materials to make new products. This takes lots of energy. Recycling cuts out the step of getting new raw materials, which not only saves trees, water and other resources, but also saves energy because workers don't need to collect and process raw materials.

Sometimes it's not practical to buy recycled products. However, you can still save energy by buying products that use less raw materials. An alternative to buying new products is visiting second-hand stores. Second-hand stores allow you to buy products that were already created months or years ago at heavily discounted prices. So you won't be adding to the depletion of forests when you purchase items this way and you will be saving money too.

Alternative Energy Sources

The ultimate energy-saving technique, of course, is to use renewable energy sources instead of non-renewable sources. About half of the people in the United States use electricity that is generated using traditional means such as burning coal. This is an example of a non-renewable energy source – eventually the planet will run out of coal – and in addition, burning coal sends toxins into the atmosphere.

Going Green

The good news is that there are plenty of alternatives to non-renewable energy sources. Wind and solar powered generators can provide electricity without harming the environment or using non-renewable sources. In some areas, you might be able to generate your own electricity, and some electric companies offer credits for using renewable energy sources. Contact your utility company to find out what greener options it offers to customers.

Going green may seem complicated at first, but once you get used to it, it's an easier and healthier way to live. You can save energy and money in all sorts of ways you never considered. It's empowering to realize how much your choices affect this planet and people on it and to consciously make choices that will benefit all.

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